Sirra Karta Viah te

Punjabis exoense a lot during wedding. Too much preparations for big day…overall its a expensive affair.
A NRI described wedding expenses as follows:
The Mehndi (henna) ceremony and party can range from an at home affair with the bride and close female friends and relatives only, or it can extend to every female guest invited to the reception and can take place at an actual event location with elaborate staging and floral arrangements. Food is served, but not alcohol unless the event spills over into an evening time party at the same venue.$2K to $10K is a good range for the mehndi party for around 50 to 100 people including photographers and videographers.

Next you typically have a Sangeet (music) party. This and the reception are what you typically see represented in Bollywood films. Again, this can take place in a simple setting like an Indian restaurant, community center, or higher end hotel ballroom.Finally you have the reception which is the triumphant finale of Indian wedding celebrations in the west. This is usually an event that every guest is invited to so I will use 250 people as a safe number, but these events are typically in the 300 to 400 range for most Indians in the US.

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