Embarrassing moment

A man has been caught with his pants down in the city of Fuzhou, south east China. In an unfortunate moment the shorts were dragged to his feet when a woman fell over and reached out for something to latch onto. On a bus in the Wu Shan Lu, Gulou Qu area of the city the black-haired woman appeared to have dropped multiple items from her handbag.

Makeup accessories and a shoehorn can be made out on the floor. When the bus suddenly jerked to the side she fell towards the male passenger. Holding out her arms to hold on to something she came into contact with the man’s shorts.

In one swift move she pulled the pants down below his knees. The shorts clip cuts out before it is clear what the repercussions of her pants pulling were. The incident occurred on July 6 at around 11am.

In the footage the woman also appeared to head-butt the man in his sensitive area, which he reached to in agony.

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