What Sidhu says on AAP and BJP

Navjot Singh Sidhu resigned as a BJP parliamentarian because he had been asked to stay away from Punjab. In angst-ridden comments punctuated by his trademark couplets, Mr Sidhu managed to avoid revealing whether he plans to join Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

“I was ordered to move out of Punjab and stay away from Punjab politics. Even birds return to their nests in the evening how can I not return to my home state Punjab. No party is above from any party,” claimed Navjot Singh Sidhu, cricketer turned politician, who recently quitted Rajya Sabha.
He questioned why he was asked to leave Punjab even after winning four elections while speaking some couplets. “This is not for the first time I have been snubbed. I also faced similar events earlier. Tell me my fault”, he asked.
Sidhu came down heavily on the party without naming any person and BJP, during a press conference in Delhi on Monday.
He, however, claimed to be always ready to serve for Punjab, when asked if he was joining Punjab. Sidhu, however, did not disclose his future plans if he was joining the AAP and had resigned from the BJP.
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