Elephant mourns mother’s death, tries to wake her up

A heart-breaking video has captured the moment a two-year-old elephant tries desperately to revive his mother.
The elephant was walking along with her baby near Kavadiammal temple in Pallam, Southern India, when she collapsed.
She died immediately, but her son prodded his mother with his hooves, rubber her with his trunk and chased away anyone who came near her in a desperate attempt to resuscitate her.
The forest department tried to prize the baby away from its mother, but the baby stuck close by and refused to leave, according to the Times of India.
Tragic footage shows the youngster trying everything to spark some life back into his dead mother.
He brushes her with branches, flips her ears with his tusk and even takes to lying across the side of her collapsed body in the Indian wildlife.
The cause of death has since been confirmed as caused by internal bleeding.
video: NDTV

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