Meet Harjit Sajjan’s cute fan

The terrible twos are an age known for temper tantrums — but the meltdowns aren’t often over Canadian political figures.

Yet that’s precisely why two-year-old Sophia Popalyar freaked out last Friday.

Sophia was headed to Parliament Hill for Canada Day celebrations, where she thought she would see Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan. So when her family decided to turn around and head home because of rain, she burst into tears.
Her father, Fawad Popalyar, filmed the hysterics, posting the video online.

“I want to go to Parliament,” Sophia is heard crying in the video. “To see who?” her dad asks. “To see Harjit Sajjan,” she whines.

When Popalyar explained that Sajjan was in Vancouver with his constituents, she replied: “But I want him. Please.”

Sophia is no stranger to Canadian politics: the politically astute toddler went viral last fall when her dad posted a video of her rhyming off the names of several cabinet ministers.

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