Rape Remark Controversy of Salman Khan : What Shahrukh Khan says

During a recent interaction to promote his upcoming film ‘Sultan’, Salman Khan made a comparison between the level of his exhaustion to that of a “raped women” which drew flak from not just social media but also many women organizations nationwide.
Many Bollywood celebs also gave their piece of mind including young star Varun Dhawan and global icon Priyanka Chopra. When Salman’s close friend Shah Rukh Khan was asked about the same, the 50-year old actor, begged to differ than the rest of his lot. He said,” In the last few years I have realized that I made so many inappropriate comments myself that I don’t think I am someone to sit and judge somebody else’s comments to be very honest. It’s about taking sides or not taking sides. I myself say so many things, who are we to decide or not decide what he (Salman) should be or shouldn’t be doing. Personally speaking I don’t think I can make any comments on this, I am so inappropriate myself.
video: NDTv

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