Viral Video : Drunk girl creates ruckus in police station

Mumbai: When a girl in Mumbai detained by the police for driving her car under the influence of alcohol, she created havoc in the police station.

When she was brought to the Worli police station for questioning, she not only hurled abuses towards the cop but also slapped one of them.

According to the reports, under the influence of liquor, the girl was driving her Vernal car in fast speed and consequently lost control and collided the sedan into a divider.
When people tried to help, she started abusing them. Then when cops reached the spot, she abused them too.
After much efforts and drama, she was brought to police station for questioning where she created the ruckus.
The girl is said to be 21-year-old and was accompanied by two boys, 21 and 17, respectively.

After her misbehavior, she was arrested.The entire drama is recorded in mobile camera.
video: India tv

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