Shocking : Man films woman in Big Bazaar’s trial room

A woman has lodged an FIR alleging that she was being secretly filmed by a person using his mobile phone at a Big Bazaar outlet in a Kolkata. The complainant has alleged that she was being filmed through a small hole next to the mirror at the trial room at the shopping mall late on Wednesday night.
The Big Bazaar outlet is located inside a sprawling shopping complex in South Kolkata and was full of customers when incident took place. The woman raised an alarm immediately after she realised that someone wast trying to film her secretly from a hole next to the mirror from the other side of the trial room wall. She immediately chased the man along with her friend who was accompanying her, but he fled the spot leaving his mobile phone behind.
“The trial room adjoining mine was locked for a long time and I was suspicious. I noticed there were some holes on the door of my trial room and saw someone was peeping into my trial room from the hole. He also had a mobile phone in his hand,” the lady complained. She later went to the local Survey park police station to file a formal complaint and also recorded her statement.
video: India tv

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