Lions vs buffalo at highway road

Here is just amazing video of Lions vs buffalo on a wild buffalo at highway road.
This is the breathtaking moment a pride of lions brought down and savaged a buffalo just metres from cars full of stunned tourists in South Africa, with their guide saying that everything would be ok, as long as they didn’t move.
The kill, which was recorded by field guide Marten Lange, saw two buffalo running away from a lion near the Mantimahle Waterhole in the Kruger National Park, before being pulled to the floor.
After the attack, the largest predator leaves the rest of the pride to finish their meal as he turns towards the tourists and takes a nap beside their vehicle

Grabbing onto the throat of the grunting buffalo, the two lions hold down their lunch and wait for the rest of their pride to join them before fully killing it.
As three of the group pull at the kill between them, the largest of the lions – who was last to join in – walks towards the camera before slumping beside a group of tourists in the shade.
Lange, who had taken a keen group of tourists to the area after hearing that lions were resting nearby, said that he told his ‘ecstatic’ group not to move when the ‘King of the bush’ came close.

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