Elephant Swept Away with the Flood Water in Brahmaputra River

Watch this caught on camera video as an elephant swept away with the flood water despite the fact that elephants are natural swimmer in Assam. Two boats were rescuing this elephant in Brahamputra river. In many areas there is water logging situation after heavy monsoon rain.

Rainfall since last night led to massive flooding at many localities around the city today disrupting normal life and causing discomfort to citizens of Guwahati.
While some localities suffered from artificial flood since late last night, others were affected by water-logging this afternoon after another round of heavy showers.

An elephant that was swept away by the turbulent waters of the Brahmaputra was seen swimming desperately in a bid to get to the banks in the city. The elephant which was first noticed near Panikhaiti area, was seen further west near Sualkuchi, still struggling to keep afloat. Forest personnel were monitoring the animal on boats.
video: India tv

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