International child trafficking gang of 5 couples nabbed

childJalandhar: It all started with the arrest of a couple Sarabjit Sharma & Nisha Bhardwaj last month and now even the police was surprised that actually a group of couples is involved in the trafficking of children to countries like USA,Canada,France & Switzerland. Kingpin Amandeep Singh & Harjinder Kaur took 7 children abroad and left them there. Names of 3 of them as per passport were Jasbir Singh Passport no. H4038714,Ajit Singh M7996171 and Gurtej Singh M3672234.

Surprisingly, neither anyone from Passport Office nor from the concerned Police Station doubted that there were 7 children below the age of 14 born to the same couple .The police at the time of arrest of the first couple in first week of April announced the name of these 7 children with photographs but no one claimed them. Today ADCP released pictures of 13 more such children.

On Friday the police announced the names of more couples who were part of this gang run by Amandeep Singh and one of the children taken abroad by the name Ajit Singh is in fact Jobanpreet Singh s/o Sarabpreet Singh r/o Begowal,Kapurthala .Sarabpreet singh also has been arrested and he accepted that he paid Rs. 26 Lacs .ADCP Investigation Viveksheel Soni today revealed the details available to police.

The rest of the couples identified are Davinder Kumar (Arrested) & Sumanlata ,Karan Sharma & Rakhi Sharma,Deepak Modi & Komal Modi and Sarabjit Sharma & Nisha Bhardwaj. Sarabjit Sharma & Nisha Bhardwaj were also arrested in April and Sham Sharma whom they took abroad was identified as Pritpal Singh s/o Satpal Singh (arrested) r/o  Bholath,Kapurthala who paid them Rs. 28 Lacs.

Davinder Kumar & Suman Lata took 4 children with them. Mohit Kumar Passport no.H5670051, Ajay N2516922, Vijay,M7840726 and Varun Kumar N2516356 .Karan Sharma & Rakhi Sharma took 3 children Anil Sharma Passport no. M9565329,Ajay M2056492 and Ravi L9562409.Deepak Modi & Komal took 3 children Pankaj M4842005, Abhi M4841760 and Suraj N0337500 with them.

“We are trying to find the parents of these children through their photographs and checking how these passports went un noticed by various departments. The children identified earlier were sent to USA, Canada & Switzerland but the the 13 pics we are releasing today have all gone to USA ” ADCP Soni said.

Human trafficking is a luring business for travel agents as huge amount of money is involved .In 2 of these cases traced till now the family has sold their agriculture land to send their children abroad . These agents get Lacs from NRIs or Foreigners also who use these children as domestic servants .Jalandhar police is hopeful to destroy this nexus between agents,police,passport office employees and persons abroad who use them to get bonded labor for their purpose.

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