Police caught ‘couples’ sitting in park

Indore witnessed the heights of moral policing as a team of policemen caught many couples in the park. The police behaved in an autocratic manner, harassed couples and sent them out of the park. Many of the youngsters further alleged that the cops misbehaved with them.

So, are we a civilised nation? Is this the hallmark of a civilised nation where cops can harass or torment innocent citizens as per their will? The policemen here behaved in an autocratic and indecent manner and showed themselves to be law.
As per the police when a woman PCR team reached Regional Park, they were amazed to witness many young couples in indecent postures. Forces from Rajendra Nagar police station also went with the woman PCR team. They also alleged that various couples were hiding behind bushes and start running as they saw the police approaching

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