Jujhar Bus Vs Angry Villagers

Jujhar Bus ne Maar ditiya Kuriya : Pind walean da Gussa Dekho
Two teenage sisters were crushed to death by a private bus at Jagraon this morning, when they were on way from Ferozepur to Ludhiana on a motorbike with their counsin.
The accident took place when a speedy bus of Jujhar company first hit a car and then their motorbike, due to which the trio fell on the road and the girls got crushed under the tyre of the bus.
The bus driver and conductor fled from the spot soon after the accident.
Angry residents broke the windowpanes of the bus and then tried to torch it,

Victims Sneha (12) and Shrishti (7), and their brother, Karan (22), were tailing the motorcycle carrying their mother, Parveen, and her brother. They had reached Pashu Mela Ground near Sem Bridge when the bus hit them from behind, missing a car narrowly. The girls fell off and the bus crushed their skulls under its wheels. The impact tossed Karan’s helmet into a roadside field but he survived with injuries. The victims’ father, Raju Kalyan, is a jagran (religious function) organiser in Ludhiana.

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