Gangsters kill man in Sangrur, dance near body

A 25-year-old financier was shot dead in the main market of Longowal, Sangrur, on Thursday morning by a group of five gangsters led by Dalvinder Singh, alias Babli Randhawa, who was released on bail from jail recently in a different case.

Sources said the financier had lent Rs 5 lakh to Babli and there was dispute between the two over the money.

After pumping five bullets into the head of the victim, Hardev Singh, the gangsters ensured that he was dead, then celebrated near his body, and said they challenge the police to nab them — sending shockwaves in the area. Shopkeepers downed the shutters of their shops as an expression of anger over the deteriorating law and order. “Police fear from these gangsters and that’s why they break law with impunity,” said a trader.

After committing the crime, Randhawa posted four videos on his Facebook page, taking responsibility for the crime and celebrating the murder by joining chorus of a song, “Maare hik vich fIre Jat ne (The Jat has fired in the chest)”. He is also seen flashing a gun in the video.

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