Toilet Cleaner in Golgappe

Acting on a number of complaints by residents, a panipuri vendor in Lal Darwaja area of Gujarat’s Ahmedabad district has sent to jail for six months.

In 2009, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) had filed a case against vendor Chetan Nanji Marvadi in a special court for adulteration.

Taking the strict action, AMC sent the samples to the food testing laboratory. The tests revealed the presence of oxalic acid (used in toilet cleaners).

AMC has been receiving complaints from residents of Lal Darwaja that Marvadi is mixing something to the ‘paani’.

Later, AMC filed the case against the vendor in the local adulteration court.

Seven years after the case was filed, the special court held accused Marvadi as guilty and sentenced him to six months in jail.
video: News24

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