Navjot Kaur Lambi on Bhagwant Mann

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)’s Bhagwant Mann has threatened to report Prime Minister Narendra Modi for breach of privilege if a jibe he made during his speech in parliament yesterday is not deleted.

PM Modi, while responding to opposition criticism about the government’s policies, had made a passing reference to Mr Mann’s alleged drinking, which had many lawmakers roaring with laughter.

The AAP lawmaker, however, was far from amused and was caught on camera glaring at the Prime Minister and even standing up to protest.

PM Modi was quoting Charvaka philosophy to make a point when he turned to Mr Mann, who has recently faced allegations of arriving drunk to public meetings during his campaign. “As long as you are alive, have fun. Karz Karo aur ghee piyo (take loans and have as much ghee or clarified butter as you want). In those times, there were values, they talked about ghee. Bhagwant Mann would ask them to drink something else,” he quipped.

Posted in: Punjab