Modi makes fun of Bhagwant Mann

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday responded to his critics in the Lok Sabha, including the Congress and AAP MP Bhagwant Maan.
Taking on the critics, Modi said: “I generally tell people ‘ghee piyo’…but if Bhagwant Mann were to tell people, he will ask them to drink something else.”

Mann has been a strident critic of Modi, openly mocking him in public rallies.
Reacting to Modi’s jibe, Mann, condemning his statement, said: “Today’s speech in Parliament showed his fear in elections. He made some baseless allegations against me.”
He also hit back at Mallikarjun Kharge’s comments against the BJP, saying that they did not belong to ‘a dog parampara’. Kharge had said on Monday, “Gandhi ji sacrificed his life for the country; Indira ji too sacrificed her life. Who came from your house? Not a single dog came from your family.”

Sharpening his attack on the Congress, Modi said the party glorified the role of “one family” in the freedom struggle and said they had neglected the contribution of others.

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