Woman stops man from taking pregnant wife to hospital

In a road rage incident an Audi car owner creates ruckus on road in Ghaziabad after his luxury car was hit by another car. Woman took the key of the car and didn’t let husband to take his pregnant wife to hospital.
If a shocking video that’s now going viral is to be believed, then it’s time we reflect on the diminishing levels of humanity that we have come to now. The disturbing clip shows a scene from an accident that reportedly took place on the NH8 between Ghaziabad and Modi Nagar. A man who was taking his pregnant wife to hospital in a car happened to scrape his vehicle against an Audi. The owner of the luxury car, a woman, reacted by taking away his car keys and refusing to let them go.

The video shows the wife, evidently in labour, sitting on the co-passenger’s seat helplessly, as her husband and others tried to persuade the woman to give the keys back. On her part, she was determined to not do so and did not listen to anybody, as the video shows. While the common grouse that many has is how the police almost never intervenes or is late to do so, this time the police too, tried their best to get the woman to give the keys back to the man so he could take his wife to the hospital on time. Guess what? That didn’t deter her either.

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