Rupan Deol Bajaj EXPOSED KP Gill on BBC

Rupal Deol Bajaj was an IAS Officer belonging to Punjab Cadre. She lodged a FIR against Mr.KPS Gill the Director General of Police u/s 341,342.352,354 and 509 of IPC.
On the said date, in the party of KPS Gill the accused around walked across a group of ladies and joined them. After sometime some of the ladies started leaving and going into the house. The victim didn’t notice that Mr.KPS Gill was misbehaving with them.
KPS Gill then called the victim to talk about something. On realisation by victim a out of order behaviour by Gill, she avoided going.
After a while Gill reached out to her amongst the other ladies who were sitting together and ordered her in an obnoxious manner to get up and come along. She resisted and turned back and started leaving, when he slapped her back.
KP Gill was found guilty by the Chandigarh Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) under Section 345 (outraging the modesty of a woman) and under Section 509 (insulting a woman with word and gesture) in an initial verdict on January 6, 1996 for patting Ms Bajaj, a senior IAS officer, in the posterior while he was allegedly in inebriated condition at a party hosted by then Finance Commissioner (Home) S.L. Kapur at his residence on July 18, 1988.
The party was attended by several top IAS, IPS officers based in Chandigarh and senior journalists from the city, many of whom were later cited as witnesses in the case.
The apex court simultaneously dismissed the revision petition of Ms Bajaj challenging the High Court order, modifying the verdict of the CJM and the Sessions Court.
The Sessions Court though had maintained the sentence, it kept it suspended during a “probation” period of three years, during which Gill’s public behaviour was to be supervised by the Probation Officer of Delhi, where the former DGP lives.
video: BBC

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