BJP Women Leader’s MMS goes viral

A Short clip of a woman politician of Bharatiya Janata Party in Dhanbad has become a subject to controversy and is doing the rounds online. The video shows the woman and man getting intimate and was captured secretly while ‘participating’ in it. The video was leaked by a ‘participating’ man in the video, said a report appeared on NewsX.

Since after it hit online, the video became a sensation on the internet. The video has dented the image of the BJP and cause severe harassment to the woman. However, the woman involved in the incident said that the video was a political conspiracy against her and was being done to destroy her reputation. She also named the man in the video as Satyendra Sinha, an old friend of her. She also accused him of extorting Rs 7 lakh from her before uploading the video. The victim has filed a report against the accused in Dhanbad police station and orders for investigation in the matter have been issued.

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