Beadvi of Sikh Ardas by Sikandar Maluka

Sikander Maluka, an Indian politician belonging to Badal’s Shiromani Akali Dal, has been filmed hosting Hindu fanatics as they imitate the Sikh ardas with their own words from their own faith.A shocking revelation of further beadbi (sacrilege) from the Badal team as they attempt to erode Sikh values and traditions from within.

Time after time, these supposed Sikh leaders have disrespected ancient sites, historical buildings, and Gurbani and Guru Granth Sahib themselves. The continuation of such large scale disrespect on the home ground of Sikhs continues.

Maluka, a Punjab Minister, invited and participated in this large scale beadbi by Hindu fanatics who can clearly be seen distorting the words of Guru Gobind Singh ji, in the ardas, as they replace the Gurbani with names of their own deities and idols.

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