Hun Dancers Gurbani te Dance Karan Lagg Gayian

A video in which some dancers are dancing on Mool Mantar angers sikhs worldwide. Its huge beadvi of Gurbani. Its not allowed to dance on Gurbani according to Sikh Rehat Mareyada. These dancers considering Gurbani as Song and dancing on it.
This is the clear violation of Sikh rehat Mareyada. The Sikh Rehat Maryada addresses key issues such as the definition of a Sikh, personal and communal obligations such as meditation and volunteer service, rules for gurdwara services to include appropriate music and festivals, and the conduct of assorted Sikh ceremonies.

There are two aspects to a Sikh living. One is the adherence to a personal discipline and the development of a strong family life. The other is the involvement in communal life and to ensure community well-being and infra-structure for support of the weak within the community local and globally. This is the practical aspect of the three pillars of Sikhism promoted by Guru Nanak called Wand kay Shako

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