Rs 5.7 crore in new notes seized from ‘secret bathroom chamber’

In what could be the second major haul of currency and gold by taxmen in the state after demonetisation+ , the Karnataka and Goa arm of the I-T department has stumbled upon Rs 5.7 crore in new currency kept in a ‘secret locker of bathroom’ in Hubballi.

A statement from the Panaji Directorate of the Director General of Income-tax (Inv), Karnataka & Goa said search operations were carried on the casino operators and bullion traders in Hubballi and Chitradurga districts of Karnataka on December 9.

“The income-tax teams were present at around 15 premises spread across the states of Karnataka and Goa. One of the hawala operators is also actively involved in converting old notes and was accumulating bullion using old currency,” it added.

During the search operations, a secret chamber in the bathroom of the residence of a hawala operator was traced. “28 kg of bullion, about 4 kg of gold and jewellery, Rs 5.7 crore of Rs 2,000 currency notes and Rs 90 lakh in old Rs 100 and Rs 20 notes were seized. Various incriminating documents have also been recovered and income tax teams are further analyzing and investigating the same. Notably the major haul of new denomination currency is from a relatively small town Challakere in Chitradurga district. This small town with a population of 50,000 is 40 km away from the district headquarters,” the statement said.

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