Middle school kid proposes to his hot teacher, gets painfully rejected

Just in case a video of a middle school student proposing to his teacher isn’t quite entertaining enough, a video of said middle schooler getting brutally rejected in front of all of his “supportive” friends has been making its way around Chinese social media. Surely, this can’t be how he imagined it would turn out, can it?Still, we have to hand it to him, the kid put some real thought into his proposal. The student — down on one knee in front of a sign that reads: “Teacher Li, I love you! Marry me!” — first held up a bunch of flowers to set the mood. Many of his friends were watching the affair, he had even persuaded one of them to play the Teresa Teng classic “The Moon Represents My Heart” on the ukulele.

However, Teacher Li, while trying to pull the boy up off one knee, informed him that “Stop wasting my time! I have a boyfriend.”With the romantic mood quickly slipping away, the student whipped out a “diamond ring” to seal the deal. Unfortunately, Teacher Li didn’t take kindly to the gesture, she began to push the boys before stomping on the bouquet, kicking the audio equipment and leaving in a huff. Maybe she should of tried taping the students’ mouths shut?As always, netizen reactions are well worth mentioning. Most people on Weibo were pretty supportive of the kid’s “pubescent, hormonal impulses,” many have labelled him “brave,” some even suggested that “maybe she should give less him homework.”

However, the majority of comments relate to the teacher’s choice of outfit. Some sharp-eyed Weibo users also managed to spot a tattoo on the teacher’s ankle. Many commenters used this evidence — along with the bad acting — to speculate that the video was a spoof. “Which middle school has teachers wearing such a short skirt,” wondered one web user. Others have been more direct, suggesting that she looks like an actress from a Japanese film. Hey, at least they weren’t trying to advertise anything.”Teacher, with what you’re wearing, are you not cold?” At least one person was focusing on the real issue here!

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