Dekho bhoot ne kudi nal kida gandi harkat kiti

After the party, one of the friend goes to the bedroom to take rest, and is expecting her boyfriend to come there too but instead of him, Raghu’s (the dead boy) ghost arrives there tries to haunt her.5 young girls have a party in a bungalow after completing their college studies. In a drunken state, they all try to rape a teenage boy (Raghu) together and accidentally, the boy dies. But all girls decide to bury him and plant a tree on his grave so that nobody gets to know about the incident. They meet again after 5 years and arrange for a party in the same bunglow.

Their men are also accompanying them this time. As soon as they reach the place, the ghost of the young boy starts haunting them. Girls then divulge all details about the secret to their men to which they get shocked but still, try to get rid of the deadly ghost. Who will survive among them and how the war will end between the ghost and those alive? Watch the movie to know the entire story that is full of surprises.

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