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The Liberal government of Canada is increasing the base number of migrants that will be allowed next year by seven per cent, to 3,00,000, in order to push the country’s economic growth even as it grapples with high unemployment.

The previous target for the period 2011-15 was 260,000, but that number swelled to 300,000 this year (See Table 1), due to what Immigration Minister John McCallum calls the “special circumstances” of the Syrian refugee crisis. The new figure will now become a permanent base.

With this new plan, the number of permanent residents in economic programmes will increase and help Canada deal with the scarcity of skilled workers, business people and caregivers. A CBC News report quoted Kevin Lamoureux, Member of the Canadian House of Commons, as saying immigrants not only fill jobs that would otherwise remain vacant and help develop provincial economies, but also contribute to the character and social fabric of communities.

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