Fake Baba Exposed

In tarnTaran, A baba named as Khajan Sinh who claimed to cure people with toffies and threads etc was caught by people. Baba promised that after his treatment women will deliver boy. After involvment of Satikar Committee, Tarn Taran Police arrested the Baba and then when Baba’s sister promised that he will not do it again then the Baba was release from Thana.

We live in a country where we are fed to believe in the existence of people who apparently possess supernatural powers… healers without doctrines, self-proclaimed religious men/women who can perform miracles. We are bound by our history, culture, traditions and most importantly religious beliefs that convince us of the reality of these super powers albeit without questioning or proof. Whether such super powers could be acquired by humans is still a conundrum. Or are they just geniuses at disguise and charmers? Or are we just too fragile and sugar-coating us is easy?

Posted in: Punjab