Transgender te Zulam : 5 Arrested

Police arrested at least five men in the Pakistani city of Sialkot after a video emerged of a gang leader whipping a transgender woman because she reportedly refused to pay extortion money.

Reuters reported that incident happened in Sialkot, a city in Pakistan, where five men are shown in a video, which had gone viral, hitting the transgender woman in red clothes while she was held down on a bed. The leader, Jajja Butt, repeatedly whips with a belt the exposed buttocks of the transgender, Julie, who was crying in pain. The video was posted on Facebook by Shiraz Hasnat.

The gang reportedly extorts money by harassing members of Pakistan’s transgender community. However, Butt, who was arrested along with the other gang members, claimed that the reason behind the whipping is the transgender woman was his lover and she was allegedly involved with other men.

However, Julie disputed Butt’s alibi. She said the gang raped and tortured all the transgender women in their house all night. The gang also made them drink urine, spat on them and hit their heads using shoes.

Another transgender said the gang is operating not just in Sialkot but is present in other Pakistani cities where they extort money from transgender women and enjoy torturing members of the LGBT community, Express News reported.

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