Viral Video: Man thrashing his wife and her lover

A video posted by Social activist Kundan Srivastav has gone viral on social media in which a man thrashing his wife and her lover in front of entire village. According to Kundan Srivastava, The video has sent by his follower. The lady can be seen crying and pleading for the help and nobody came to help her from the village. Kundan Srivastva posted video on his facebook page with caption:

The Video was sent to me by one of the followers. I don’t have any authentic information yet about the incident. But, after seeing the Video I do believe it can be a Love Affair.
A Man brutally beating his wife and her Lover in front of the entire Villagers. You can see in the video that both Man & Woman have been tied to the pole and are beaten severely. The woman’s voice shows that she may belong to Bihar, UP & Jharkhand
I condemn the incident and urge the people of India, if you have any authentic information ..Inbox me please! ‪#‎HeightOfCruelty‬
PS: I’m against the Violence, Physical Abuse and the Crime!

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