Thapad Incident : Captain di Safai Sun Lao

An hour before the arrival of Amarinder, Congressmen faced an unsavoury situation when Dera Baba Nanak legislator Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa roughed up a fellow party man by slapping him in front of hundreds of supporters and electronic media. The supporter was identified as IS Gulati, aligned to the Sewa Dal, a frontal organisation of the Congress.
An incensed Gulati, after being hit on the face, retaliated and tried to pay the MLA in same coin. However, Randhawa ducked in the nick of time.

The MLA’s detractors were quick to upload the video on social media while TV channels, too, showed the footage — from the exchange of words to physical assault.
Pandemonium prevailed for quite some time before senior leaders intervened. Later, Gulati left the venue in a huff but not before his turban was tossed as he was roughed up by Randhawa’s supporters..

Senior Congressmen said such incidents should be avoided in the run-up to the assembly elections as a lot is at stake for the party.
“The MLA’s behaviour has damaged the party’s image. A democratically-elected representative’s public behaviour should be immaculate,” said a former cabinet minister.

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