Shocking Reality of Judge Pratibha Gautam’s Murder

Mystery surrounding the death of Kanpur Rural judicial magistrate Pratibha Gautam has deepened. Post-mortem report has revealed that she was tortured before her death.
Several injury marks were found on Pratibha Gautam’s body. The post-mortem report said that she was beaten with a stick or an rod. Both of her wrists had cut marks made by blade- six on one and eight on the other.
It is being suspected that she was strangulated before being hanged to make it look like a suicide case. Pratibha Gautam was three-months pregnant at the time of her death, the medical report said.
A girl so good at her work that she became a judge at the young age of 26, a feat that is incredible for many. Yes, that was Pratibha Gautam.
No one could believe that the confident girl with an ever-present smile, who led a life worthy of emulation, had met her end so soon.Pratibha’s journey began from the supposedly backward town of Urai. She rose up to the rank of the Judicial Magistrate in Kanpur (Rural) in a short span of time.
Pratibha, who celebrated her 28th birthday on 27 August, was good in studies from her childhood. She is said to have scored a first division from high school to LLM. She also qualified the Provincial Civil Service-Judicial (PCS-J) at the age of 26.
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