Pakistan media on India’s “surgical strike”

The special op forces who crossed the Line of Control for surgical strikes on Wednesday night returned “with not one scratch,” top army forces have told NDTV, denying Pakstani media reports that eight soldiers were killed in the raids in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir and one was captured alive. Only one soldier has “minor injuries” from stepping on a mine once back on the Indian side of the Line of Control, said sources.

Army officials say images played out on Pakistan TV channels claiming to show Indian casualties are doctored or morphed clips and “absolutely fake.”

Pakistani Media Writes :

Indian government, by blaming Pakistan without evidence and whipping up war hysteria had run itself into a dead end where the population was now demanding strict action against Pakistan. Whereas the ground reality was that Indian army was ill prepared for war, had no evidence against Pakistan, and war would have destroyed Modi government’s economic gains.

The Indian army has come up with a brilliant way out of this dead end: placate the people by conducting imaginary ‘surgical strikes’ that will give a warm, fuzzy feeling to the hearts of extremist Hindus calling for war. Therefore, the Indian DGMO on Thursday claimed that special services commandos conducted a surgical across the Line of Control (LoC) in Azad Kashmir.

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