The statement of this girl will shock you

Watch this video to Know whats really happening in Punjab : This video will tell the impact of Punjab vulgar songs on Punjab Youth.
Its notable For the study, 200 students (136 boys and 64 girls) in the age group of 18-25 from universities across Punjab were selected and were asked to submit a pen drive containing their 50 favourite Punjabi songs. The experts qualified the songs in five categories on a scale of five.

After analysing the songs, each pen drive was then given a score with a minimum score of 50 and maximum of 250. “Of the 2,000 songs, around 1,200 had mention of drugs, Ashiqui and violence. Nearly 60% of students were listening to songs glorifying drugs, Ashiqui and violence.

Later, each student was revisited and his/her behaviour was analysed on a psychometric purified scale wherein their attitude was measured towards three variables — attitude towards women, propensity to commit violence and intent to use drugs.

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