Love Triangle behind Delhi Incident

Indians have reacted with outrage after passers-by watched a woman being stabbed more than 20 times on a busy street in the capital, Delhi.
CCTV footage showed a man on a motorcycle approach schoolteacher Karuna, 22, who died in the attack.
He is seen stabbing her repeatedly as people walk by, before hitting her on the head with a stone and kicking her.
Locals did eventually intervene when he tried to escape. Police say they have charged the suspect with murder.
A Delhi court on Wednesday sent the Burari murder case accused to four-day police custody.

Surender Singh, the accused, was earlier arrested by the Delhi Police on charges of stabbing a 21-year-old woman in Burari area.
The victim has been identified as Karuna, a teacher with a private school in North Delhi.
The woman was walking to school when the accused intercepted her on his motorcycle and repeatedly stabbed her, killing her on the spot.

video: aaj tak

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