Gurpreet Ghuggi Ne Mangi Maafi

Gurpreet Ghuggi, who was given the charge of the Punjab AAP has apologized for praising Punjab Police and comparing AAP leaders with Panj Pyare.
Absence of senior party leader and Supreme Court lawyer H S Phoolka from AAP’s farmers’ rally in Moga Sunday has irked many party volunteers. Demanding an explanation from party chief Arvind Kejriwal on the alleged shoddy treatment meted out to Phoolka, they have launched a campaign on social media .
A party worker close to Phoolka said, “He did not attend the Moga rally as he has taken stand on two issues. One, he has expressed his resentment when some volunteers were not allowed to meet Kejriwal. Also, he has also expressed his opinion over some non-deserving candidates getting the ticket.”
When asked why he did not attend the Moga rally, Phoolka said “it is an internal matter of the party”. He added: “I do not want it to be a public issue and we will sort it out as a family.”
State convener Gurpreet Ghuggi, when asked about Phoolka’s absence, said, “He was unwell. So he did not come.”

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