When Man records wife ……

This is a home video of a man who hears a sound and checks behind the curtains to find a jinn (shape shifter). Ghosts, spirits, unsatisfied or trapped souls in our world – We all have grown up hearing such tales that immediately draw our attention. Honestly speaking, paranormal activities are something that we come across in movies, stories and not in day to day lives. But not for this couple or rather the husband who got the first hand experience of an eerie experience that is bound to last forever. In this video by mun2 vault, the husband was trying to be kinky filming his wife in shower but what he caught on the video tape would have surely blown the daylights out of him.

There have been several videos on YouTube which claims to have caught a real ghost on camera and this video also falls in the debatable zone. But whether its phony or not, this video is definitely not advisable for the weaker hearts

Talking about spooky, ghostly paranormal phenomenon, one can only say – To Each Their Own. But this spine-chilling video will leave you disturbed for you did not see that coming

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