Girl kills 5 members of her family to be with her lover

A van carrying a couple and three others from Nawada village were pushed into Ganga canal in Badaun on August 25 by the couple’s daughter and her alleged lover, the police said on Sunday. The accused, Preeti (19) and Mugesh alias Sonu (26), wanted to marry but the family was against it as Sonu was already married with two kids, they said.

According to police, on August 25, Raje Bhadane and wife Dharmavati had hired a Maruti Eeco van driven by one Ompal Singh to visit a dargah in Badaun to offer a ‘chadar’. They were accompanied by Raje’s son Lalit, his wife Sheetal, Raje’s daughter Preeti, Lalit’s uncle Rajender and his wife Priti. The seven-member family was also accompanied by another man, Saleem.According to police, Preeti and Sonu belonged to the same village and were in a relationship. Both knew each other for the past four years but since Sonu was already married, the family was against their relationship.
SP Abhishek Yadav said that Preeti would pretend to be possessed by a ‘spirit’ and the family would regularly visit the dargah.
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