Woman plots NRI husband’s murder with lover’s help

An non-resident Indian was murdered by slitting his neck inside his bedroom under Banda police station area of the district in Uttar Pradesh.
Superintendent of Police Manoj Kumar said here that NRI Sukhjeet Singh (33) came to India at his native place in Basantapur area along with his wife Ramandeep Kaur, two sons and his mother on July 28 last from England.

Many years ago, Sukhjeet Singh and Miththu Singh were in school together. Then Sukhjeet moved to London, and Miththu to Dubai.
But they remained good friends. Even last month they holidayed together in India, taking selfies on the dunes of Jodhpur. But on Friday night, Miththu quietly entered Sukhjeet’s village home in UP’s Shahjahanpur, and slit his throat, police said. It was Sukhjeet’s wife, Ramandeep, who opened the door for Miththu.

As love blossomed, ​Miththu and Ramandeep decided to ​meet up. Ramandeep planned a visit to her uncle​’s place​ in Jalandhar the following year where Miththu was already ​waiting. During ​that trip, her relatives took note of her growing fondness for Miththu and even cautioned her against it. “But she had perhaps decided there was ​no ​looking back for her,” said Pyaara Singh, Sukhjeet​’s​ uncle who is a DSP​ with Punjab ​Police and whose efforts led to ​the murder mystery​ being solved.
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