Mai Honey Singh to Darda Nahi : Ranjit Bawa

Ranjit Bawa during a stage performance claimed that he is not afraid off from Punjab rapper Honey Singh.
He also target Honey Singh to spoil youth of Punjab. Bawa said he does not afraid off from Honey Singh because he does not sing vulgar songs.

Ranjit Bawa is a name in Punjabi music many know and love. His songs are popular and his singing, infectious with his unique style.
Born on 14th March, 1989, in Wadala Granthian village near Gurdaspur, Punjab, India, Ranjit Bawa had aspirations to become a singer from an early age.He attended many melas and shows and was desperate to be given a chance to sing at these events.
One in particular, he recalls was a mela near his village, which did not end as expected. Bawa went to the function with the ambition to sing and was eagerly sat at the front of the stage.
To sing you had to plead with organisers to be given a time slot. This he did, and he awaited his turn.
As he waited, a gust of wind forced the sound box on the stage to get knocked over and it ended on Bawa’s head. The box cut his head open causing the start of bleeding.

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