I should be punished for protecting Bhagwant Mann: Sucha Singh Chhotepur

Sucha Singh Chhotepur says in This video:
I heard him say I sought Rs 60 lakh from a ticket aspirant in Australia, struck a deal at for Rs 30 lakh and accepted an advance. I am not as rich as Mann but my supporters told me last night they were ready to buy the NRI a ticket so that he could come here and prove the allegations against me. Also, Mann is a druggie. Bhagwant Mann says something at night and forgets it the next morning.

Sucha Singh Chhotepur further added, “A dope test should be done. You will know. Everybody knows he stinks like a brewery. Of late, he has stopped drinking because of the smell. He takes some drug instead. He sways when he stands. Everyone knows that. He would have been beaten up at the bhog ceremony of the Behbal Kalan firing victims, where he came drunk, had I not been there.Being state head of the party — I believed it was akin to being father of a family. I, too, should be punished for protecting him. He dreams of being the Chief Minister. Have you seen any drug addict becoming the CM?They never trusted me and did not discuss it with me either. Mann is the main aspirant.”

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