Shocking statement of Sucha Singh Chhotepur on Bhagwant Mann

AAP’s Punjab convenor Sucha Singh Chhotepur, who recently voiced his displeasure over the distribution of tickets by the party’s central leadership, has found himself at the receiving end of a sting operation.

While a video clip purportedly shows Chhotepur accepting cash from a party worker, a separate audio file depicts him ‘admitting’ that Sangrur party MP Bhagwant Mann has a drinking problem. The audio file is available on various social media platforms, but the video clip has been kept under wraps.

Chhotepur said the video clip was made only to embarrass him, and there was nothing incriminating about it. “Earlier this month, an AAP supporter came to meet me. He was referred to me by two senior leaders. He tried to hand me a small packet, which he said contained funds for the party. Though I refused to take the money, he left it on my suitcase while leaving. I did not even know he had done that. Was the money being given for something I promised to do? Was it a quid pro quo? The answer is no.”

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