Lachar Gayak nu Punjabi Kudi da Jawab

A singer named as Elly Mangal has sung a rubbish song f*du galla teriya. A punjabi girl has slammed the singer Mangat for his rubbish song and lyrics. The f*du song is penned by Vadda Grewal. The song of Elly Mangat is widely criticized on the social media.

Honey Singh is not the only singer drawing flak for vulgar, misogynist songs, but there are several other Punjabi singers, who have been doing the same without any subtlety for some time. In fact, Amar Chamkila started the trend of using double entendres in the 1980s even as he had sung a number of popular religious and folk songs. He even defied militant threats warning him against singing vulgar songs till he was killed along another singer Amarjot in March 1988.
“Romanticism has always been there in Punjabi folk and other popular songs, but Chamkila had crossed the line and started openly using double-entendres. After his killing, no Punjabi singer sang any vulgar song for around a decade.

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